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Some services may not be provided in all locations.

FULL SERVICE CARWASH -Your car is completely vacuumed, thoroughly washed and dried, and every window is cleaned both inside and out.  *Add $1.00 For Mini Vans & Pickups.

EXTERIOR CAR WASH - Your car is thoroughly washed and dried, with white walls cleaned and brightened. *Add $1.00 For Mini Vans & Pickups     AVAILABLE 5:00  – 10:00 PM ONLY.

SUPER SEALER BLUE CORAL - "Space Age" silicones and polymers from the leader in automotive wax.  Maximum spray wax protection for you car's finish.

RUST INHIBITOR - Protective Spray.  New special two step rust arrestor process: First the entire side of your car is given a high pressure Chassis Bath to help knock off built up dirt and grime.  Then Rust Inhibitor is carefully sprayed on the underside of the chassis, wheel wells and rocker panel area for maximum protection.

TRI-COLOR POLISHING WAX BY BLUE CORAL - Revolutionary new exclusive automatic polishing process.  First thick foamy polishing wax is applied, then buffed up and sealed.  Finally your car is hand-detailed to a streak-free finish.

CLEANMASTER CARPET SHAMPOO  - Quick, deep-penetrating carpet shampoo.  Special cleaning solution is sprayed directly into the carpet, loosening soil and then extracted through high velocity vacuum.


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